About Us

With over 30 year of experience with watch parts and tooling in the repairing market, Delta Link is the one stop tool parts market for all your watch repairing needs. We specialize in watch parts, movements, toolings and batteries, and have been supplying customers all around the globe, form Albania to the United States.

As a watch parts distributor, we stock a wide array of different parts, from movements and glasses to crowns and batteries. Our vast inventory covers numerous brands including Seiko, ETA, Ronda, Miyota, generic parts and more, allowing you to buy all the watch parts in one stop, saving you both time and cost.

Delta Link proudly has our own glass factory and have been manufacturing quality watch glass from the very beginning. Our watch glass comes in all shapes and sizes, suiting your needs of both replacing a broken glass piece or making your own watch.

The Seizaiken batteries and capacitors we supply are made in Japan and widely adopted around the world. Delta Link’s close relationship with our supplier allows us to offer you competitive pricing and products to suit all your need, helping you to better satisfy your customers

We are sorry that we currently cannot provide you any instructions on watch repair and tool usage.

For orders above USD 3,000 please contact us directly at deltalink@watch-parts.com